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santa priscila santa priscila santa priscila

Ecuador market

 Our point of sale

Fishing industry Santa Priscila
Km 5.5 via Daule

 Open Hours :

From Monday to Friday: 9h00 to 17h00
Saturday: 9H00 TO 12H00

 Home delivery to:

+593 4 6005231
+593 4 6005232
Ext 126 / 139 / 140

+593 9 81018252
+593 9 89189606

You can also find our Santa Priscila products in the retailers and the main stores of the country.

International market

Commercial Dept.
Commercial Director: [email protected]

America and Europe
Export Sales: [email protected] - [email protected]

President Asia: [email protected]

Av. Del Ejercito 615 y 1ero de Mayo
Guayaquil - Ecuador