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“There is a long road ahead to do better things for our planet."
CEO Ing. Santiago Salem K.

Ecuador´s system is unique, it is an aquaculture integral system with low density, with a lot of respect for nature because we do not use antibiotics in order to have natural food. We protect the tilapias and shrimps, and their surroundings; generating an stress-free environment

We contribute to the non- extinction of marine species.

Nowadays the growing global demand of sea products is turning the marine ecosystems and the land life of the ocean into danger, as never before. Previously it was thought that it was impossible to end the fish population in the sea, and the reality is that there is still a billion of people who depend of fish as their main source of protein. We will not be able to keep on satisfying the growing demand without a sustainable source of cultivation that ensures the supply of quality and freshness of the product.

We contribute to a better environmental surrounding.

As part of our good practices in all our value chain, we continue investing on technology and procedures that allow us to reduce the environmental impact.

We contribute with our community.

Santa Priscila has dedicated an special attention to the communes of Tugaduaja and Engunga, which are the two communities closest to our farms of Chanduy and Pañamao located in the province of Santa Elena. We contribute to generate awareness of our environmental impact and the conservation of our biodiversity, we work to provide in a direct way with professionals in Education in the schools.