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The aquaculture industry started in Ecuador in 1976, a brand new industry, moved by the vision of being part of a better world: with sustainable food, that does not end in time; because the resources from humans and nature are not infinite. We chose to be a generator of change to protect and safeguard the natural resources of the country.
Our main purpose is to protect marine species from extinction. We had to start from scratch in other parts of the world where there was nothing like it. The model was developed in Ecuador by Ecuadorians with experience and self-learning.
On the way, we found challenges and learnings that led us to do things in a better way, a great example, the crisis of White Spot Syndrome, which was a biological and social challenge, Ecuador was declared in global emergency. The key to eradication of White Spot Syndrome was to change the original process by eliminating the use of antibiotics completely and replacing them with probiotics for the species be stronger and healthier in order to use them as food.
We will continue investing in the industry and in the country as we have been doing since 1976, because we believe in a better Ecuador, in a better world.